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There are two main parts to our Wellness Center.  The Dental part emphasizes state of the art dental diagnosis, evaluation of dental materials to meet your particular needs, and  the delivery of excellent dental care provided in a loving and caring environment.  The Biological part helps patients with heavy metal detox, infection control and support of organs, glands and systems.

We recommend  that patients first schedule for a comprehensive exam to identify any sources of infection in the teeth, gums and jaw bones.  This starts with a thorough clinical exam looking at each tooth and its condition, including the condition of the restorative materials in each tooth and its effect on that tooth and your overall health.  The periodontal health is evaluated with the understanding of bone loss and the connection of it’s relation to heart disease.  Digital x-rays are used to evaluate the teeth and bone.  
We have also added a 3D Scan, which is state of the art diagnostic equipment to help evaluate your dental health.  This scan is the most impressive diagnostic tool since the original x-rays became available.  We now can look at teeth, bone and sinuses in three dimensions, allowing us to evaluate your dental health as never before.  We are routinely finding abscesses, infections and poor bone density which have been missed with traditional x-rays.  The bone condition reveals the effect on the teeth and your health because of infections present, including NICO lesions.

Our dentistry strives to restore your teeth with the most bio-compatible materials known with a holistic approach.  Our emphasis is on understanding the interrelationship between your mouth and systemic health.  The removal of toxic infections and materials in the teeth, gum tissue and bone will help your body regenerate and heal itself.  We are experts in the biologic connection between your mouth and overall health.  Because of the connection of health and teeth our practice is growing.  We now have 3 dentists serving you in our clinic that are all IAOMT certified.  All treatment is overseen by Dr. Colpitts and they collaborate his findings using “state-of-the-art” equipment, diagnostics and skills taught by him.

For those patients considering visiting us from out-of-town you need to visit our “directions” page for hotel accommodations and directions.

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Welcome to a Holistic way to your health!

We are a fee for service office.
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