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Dr. Colpitts originally founded the Biological Clinic after he studied with some of the outstanding physicians in the US. Some of these individuals include Dietrick Klinghardt, MD, PhD; Majd Ali, MD; Bob Bradford, DSC, and Yoshiaki Omura, MD.

o-ring testingAn important part of the Wellness Center is the bi-digital o-ring testing, which Dr. Colpitts has also taught to other health practitioners. This important resonance testing is a noninvasive assessment technique, which has helped many people get to the root of their health problems. This technique was developed by Dr. Omura, who has taught this technique both nationally and internationally. Most recently, we have implemented an adaptation of this technique perfected by Dr. Robert Marshall, known as Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA).

Currently, the QR assessments are performed by Renelle, who is a certified QRA practitioner and has attended multilple advanced training courses conducted by Dr. Robert Marshall. She has hundreds of hours in hands-on experience since 2006. Over the past few years, she has adopted the teaching of voltage – a technique taught to her by Dr. Jerry Tennant.

Our Biological Clinic offers the following services independently or in conjunction with our Dental Services. The modalities are performed by our certified staff.

The Biological Clinic is by appointment only: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

QRA and kinesiology assessments are 15-minute increments, not including supplements.

Assessment & Analysis:

Support & Supplements:

G. Thomas Colpitts, DDS, AIAOMT

2448 E 81st Street, Suite 1600
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(918) 477-9000