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O-ring Testing & Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA)

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Bi-digital O-ring testing is an important tool in Dr. Colpitts’ Biological Clinic – a method he’s taught to other health practitioners around the country. This noninvasive assessment technique has helped many people get to the root of their health problems.

o-ring testingThe technique was developed by Dr. Yoshiaki Omura, and you can learn all about it by reading his original patent application for it here.

We also prove an adaptation of this technique, perfected by Dr. Robert Marshall: Quantum Reflex Analysis, or QRA for short.

QRA is a simple, safe, and effective way of allowing the body to tell us what it needs to heal. Blending science-based kinesiology, time-proven traditional therapies, quantum biofield analysis of the body, and 21st century nutrition and detox breakthroughs, QRA can initiate the most rapid resolution of even the most deep-seated chronic conditions.

When you are in full health, all the electrical frequencies of your tissues, organs and glands harmonize beautifully. When an area of your body gets weakened through disease or injury, the frequency of that area changes. Like any frequencies, these can be measured.

So QRA tests the energy levels within key organs, tissues, and glands, as well as communication between the brain and the rest of the body. It can uncover a suppressed immune system, dental and nerve issues, and so much more.

Once we determine where your body is stressed and energy-compromised, we can offer solutions that can detoxify, nourish and support your body on many levels.

Now more than ever, it is possible to release your body’s own internal, powerful, God-given ability to speed up healing, renewal and regeneration. We are grateful that we can offer this technique to you.

Currently, QRA is performed by Renelle, a certified QRA practitioner who has attended multiple advanced training courses taught by Dr. Marshall and has hundreds of hours in hands-on experience. She is also well-versed in matters of voltage, having studied under the incomparable Dr. Dr. Jerry Tennant.

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