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3D Cone Beam

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Taking Dentistry to the Next Dimension

State of the art imaging allows us to see and diagnose far better than standard dental x-rays.

Sirona’s GALILEOS 3D imaging solution with new Cone Beam technology. A large volumetric 3D image is created in a single 14-second 3D scan that provides highest resolution with the lowest radiation dose. Familiar panoramic views are automatically generated and presented in the new GALAXIS software, an advanced extension of Sirona’s renowned SIDEXIS XG imaging software. Failing root canals, NICO lesions, bone density and abnormalities are now detectable sometimes before symptoms are present.

G. Thomas Colpitts, DDS, AIAOMT

2448 E 81st Street, Suite 1600
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74137

(918) 477-9000