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Biofilm is our biggest enemy in the oral cavity. It harbors bacteria that can cause gum irritation, bone loss and tooth decay. This film is there when you are born and after you die. What we strive to accomplish is a balance of flora or PH of the mouth to create the absence of disease.

Plaque, or the sticky stuff on your teeth is 100% bacteria. You usually can brush it off easily before it becomes hard with the minerals in you saliva to create “tartar” or what we call calculus. When this hardened deposit forms below the gum line it will cause the tissue to detach from the root of the tooth and will change the cellular components to epithelium to “wall-off” the offense to the body. Unfortunately, this destabilizes a perfectly good tooth and it becomes loose in the mouth in advanced cases. First signs of this is a slight irritation or bleeding from the tissue upon simple brushing or flossing. Mercury type filling materials or crowns can also cause gum irritation due to metal allergies. Flossing is the only way you can remove this plaque below the gum line where the bacteria targets the bone.

We have a skilled hygienist that will remove the hardened deposits above and below the gum line. This can be done with or without anesthetic to insure your comfort during the procedure. The discomfort comes when the cementum is exposed. This is the area below the junction of the enamel that causes cold sensitivity. Plaque can also cause this sensitivity because it is acidic.

We use products that contain no fluoride, glutens or artificial sweetners. Neem oil and neem bark are sometimes recommended to apply to the gum tissue and nutritional support to create a balance PH of the saliva and bacteria control. In severe cases would an antibiotic be prescribed.

Flossing Tips

  1. We recommend soft, absorbent floss. Do not use waxed floss because it doesn’t “pick up” the plaque.
  2. Floss before bedtime to ensure maximum results

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