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We use Ozone therapies during and after each restoration procedures.

Composite restorations are a “tooth colored” filling material that are bonded to the the remaining enamel structure once the amalgam filling and/or decay is removed. The products we use are made from Ivoclar–Empress Direct composite material–(click there to see info). We use the most biological material available for your safety and are the most current and approved material for stability. They do “wear” faster than your enamel and porcelain restorations. They are usually suggested for small or anterior restorations that have little chewing wear in their location.

Cerec and or Porcelain/Glass restorations: these are single crowns, inlays or onlays restoring at least one wall of the tooth and the majority of the biting surface done in office and usually with one visit. The Doctors and staff are advanced trained in the use of this technology to give you the most bio-identical product made to mimic human enamel! You will be able to watch the restoration being designed and milled. They are chemically bonded to your tooth structure to restore it back to it’s original strength.

All restorations vary in price for the need of each tooth. That can only be decided with an oral exam and diagnostic x-rays.

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