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Oral Chelation of Heavy Metals

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metalic human bodyReplacing amalgam fillings with biocompatible restorations is only half the solution to mercury toxicity.

That’s because, for all the years those amalgams were in place, mercury vapor released from the fillings comes to be stored in the body – mainly in the fatty tissues and predominantly in the brain.

Once the amalgams have been safely removed, you still need to address all the mercury stored in the body.

For our patients who choose to have their amalgams removed, as well as patients who did not have proper chelation following amalgam removal elsewhere, we have a gentle detox kit available. Oral capsules are taken twice daily.

We find it can take from two to four months to fully detox once the last metal is removed from the mouth.

Dental Materials Antidotes

We also offer a specially formulated tincture for each patient using the antidote of the anesthetic and dental materials used during their appointment. This will support the kidneys or liver and help eliminate any burden these products may have placed upon the body. It helps our patients to “bounce back” quicker.

Detox Basics

Internal and external cleansing is a key step to removing heavy metals, along with viruses, bacteria, and trauma that may have sedated internal organs and systems.

For those who have digestive problems or sensitivities to past detox, there are ways to bypass the gut to kick-start elimination – for instance, external packs, foot soaks, baths, oil packs, and solutions applied directly to the skin.

Internally, we we work with herbs, plants, vitamins and oils. Enemas done at home or with a professional will be suggested. Addressing parasites and flukes to detox the liver and large intestine is a key player for achieving the ultimate in health. All products are natural, with no fillers or toxic additives.

Kidney and lymphatic support is key. Repolarization techniques can also be used to reset the body’s bio-field. This allows nutrients and biological energy to enter the previously blocked meridians.

  • Vitamins & Minerals
    Our bodies are like batteries that need to be charged. To do this, it need raw materials in a daily diet.

    At least 18 minerals are important in human nutrition. Along with vitamins, they function as components of enzymes. Our bodies need minerals for proper composition of bones and blood and for normal cellular function. Also, it helps alkalize our bodies to fight infection.


  • Essential Fatty Acids
    Essential fatty acids, or EFAs, are essential because our bodies can’t produce them on their own. We must get them from the foods that we eat.

    EFAs produce compound structures called prostaglandins which help to regulate inflammation, blood pressure, heart function, gastrointestinal function, kidney function and fluid balance, blood clotting and platelet aggregation allergic response, nerve transmission, steroid production, and hormone synthesis.

    Unfortunately, hyper-processing of fats, oils, and foods containing them has effectively eliminated EFAs from our food chain. Americans are up to 90% deficient =. This means we are obtaining only 10% of what we need for optimal health.


  • Digestive Enzymes
    The process of digestion is dependent upon several dozen enzymes that are produced by the body at different sites along the digestive tract: in the mouth, stomach, and small intestine. These enzymes break down the foods we eat into particles small enough to pass through the intestinal wall and be absorbed by the cells, where molecules of food are turned into energy.

    If digestive enzyme production is diminished, none of the food we eat can be properly absorbed and assimilated. This concept is often a surprise to many Americans, who assume that if they eat a lot of food, they’ll be well nourished and healthy. However, a full plate doesn’t always translate into a healthy body and vital life, particularly if the body in unable to properly use the food due to a lack of digestive enzymes.


  • Emotional Repatterning
    Stored emotions can destroy your health and manifest illness. Unlocking them with positive affirmations, along with essential oil aroma therapy and Raindrop Therapy, can be quite effective.


  • Vastu Balance
    “Vastu” refers to the energy fields surrounding your body each day while you work, play, and sleep. This includes low doses of exposure to chemicals, carcinogens, and electromagnetic fields. For healing at the quantum level, we must try to reach the “Zero Point Field” – an ocean of microscopic vibrations unifying all of life and existence.


  • Sleep
    Sleep is as important as food. REM sleep is needed every night for the rejuvenation of cells, hormones, and the Krebs cycle, resulting in improved health by just a good night’s rest.

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