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First, is to get a Comprehensive dental evaluation and Consultation by Dr. Colpitts to include: Diagnostic images (digital, low radiation x-rays) including standard bite-wing x-rays to check for decay and the 3 D cone beam scan to find hidden infections) cancer exam, TMJ and periodontal health are also explored. We will document all restorations and their materials placed in your mouth that are toxic or creating an inflammatory response to your tissues.
You will be given a “walk through your mouth” with and intra-oral camera so you can see what he sees.

You will be taken to his personal office where he and Renelle will show you your diagnostic images and create a treatment plan for you in an order of priority. We save 2 hours for your first visit so you can ask questions and leave with a thorough understanding of the proposed plan and printed documents in a notebook to personally take with you.

Your mouth is the only area of the body that cannot be detoxed or supported without the intervention of a dentist. We can help support and detox your body during the dental phase or if you have already seen to your dental needs we can help you return to your health by visiting our biological clinic for a complete analysis and work-up.

We are honored that you have taken the time to consider us as your holistic provider to help you on your pathway to better health. Please call or contact us for an appointment.

We are a Premier Laboratory – QRA certified office.

Toxic Agents in Tablets and Capsules

Reference: Dr. Robert Marshall

In the process of tableting or encapsulating, toxic agents such as binders, fillers and flowing agents are the rule. When these tablets or capsules are consumed over time, the toxic chemical agents can bio-accumulate and later create serious toxicity and absorption problems.

Premier Research Labs never uses toxic binders, fillers or flowing agents in their 100% pure vegetable capsules. An ingredient may be too light and need a sister agent to assist in the process of putting it into a capsule at high speeds. They have painstakingly researched the physical properties of each nutrient in order to use the most synergistic and beneficial nutrient blends to accomplish this task. In fact, during the research and development phase, They have meticulously elucidated the physical properties of each of its nutritional formulas and has pioneered novel ways to preserve their full potency as well as enhancing their bio-availability and transport to target tissues.

A good example of synergistic nutrients assisting one another is Premier Oleuropein, which features olive leaf extract. Olive leaf extract has a hydroscopic nature, a naturally high affinity for moisture. Within a month or so of encapsulation, it tends to absorb moisture and become hard, losing much of its potency. Rather than using common toxic encapsulating agents, we researched and found the perfect synergistic nutrients to protect the olive leaf extract from moisture damage as well as ensuring its full potency and activity. Pull apart a capsule of Premier Oleuropein. Smell it for yourself. It will smell as fresh and potent as the day we encapsulated it. If an olive leaf product does not smell fresh and aromatic, then it most likely isn’t. We often recommend that doctors and patients use their own senses of smell and taste to assess the purity and potency of products. This simple testing provides you with an extraordinary discernment to assess the quality of any product.


Hidden Talc In Capsules

Unbelievably, almost all manufacturers use talcum powder, a suspect human carcinogen, in their high speed encapsulators to produce encapsulated products.

After they purchased their first, expensive, high speed encapsulator, the reps told them, “You can run most products the best by adding 1 to 2% talcum powder per capsule.” In fact, for almost all high speed capsule manufacturers, that is exactly what is done. Since they refused to do this, our high speed encapsulator sat idle for almost a year as they were researching new, nontoxic ways to run these products at high speed without talcum powder or other toxic agents. Considering how widespread this problem is, Premier Research Labs may be one of the few manufacturers who does not use toxic encapsulating agents to produce capsules as well as using only beneficial, synergistic nutrients. All of PRL’s herbal/food concentrates and formulas contain 100% grade 10, nontoxic, premier quality ingredients.

They choose not to use tablets to contain these precious nutrients. Tablets require processing with heat, high pressure and toxic glues, all unacceptable to us, despite the fact that a tablet costs 50% less to manufacture than a capsule. A capsules is 50% better absorbed than a tablet. They have chosen to go even one step further using 100% pure, preservative-free vegetable capsules. Vegetable capsules cost twice as much as gelatin capsules but are 50% better absorbed than a gelatin capsule. In addition, they are free of animal prion risk as well as toxic preservatives necessary to preserve gelatin capsules. These are critical considerations for people who take nutritional products on a regular basis.

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