History of Our Dental Office – Tulsa, OK

Carrying on a Legacy of Community-Trusted Holistic Dentistry

In 2001, Dr. Colpitts had a vision of bringing a different, more modern and conscientious style of dentistry to his community in Tulsa, calling his dental office Pathways to Wellness. It would focus on looking at his dental patients’ overall health, allowing him to address the root causes of reoccurring oral health problems, ultimately improving their quality of life along with their smile. In 2007, he renamed his dental office to Colpitts Wellness Center.

Dr. Colpitts saw what kind of impact this type of dentistry could have on his patients, and in 2020 he added Dr. O’Brien to the team because he shared the same passion for biological dentistry, renaming the dental office again to Drs. Colpitts & O’Brien Wellness Center.

With decades of knowledge and skills to share, Dr. O’Brien was able to flourish under Dr. Colpitts’ guidance and training. And now, Dr. Colpitts has entrusted him to carry on his legacy of providing Tulsa with community-trusted, holistic dentistry as he retires and looks forward to supporting Dr. O’Brien from the side-lines.