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I am feeling so much better after my dental treatment.  I think the infection was impacting y health in ways I didn't even realize.  I think the entire staff illustrates a level of professionalism, care and concern that is unsurpassed.  Your team is awesome

Richard, Tulsa

I had stage 4 liver cancer and now in remission after having all my mercury fillings and abscessed teeth removed.

Ryan , Tulsa

My constant head, face and jaw PAIN started in 2002 and got worse every year.  I went to 15 different dentists and thousand of dollars and no help. Was told I had TMJ.  Went to Dr. Colpitts and was sceptical when he said I needed to have my root canaled teeth and bridge removed.  Thank God, He was right. It really worked.


I love my new smile/teeth and so does everyone else!  I thank you all so much for all the effort and energy you too to make my beautiful new teeth.  You are the best

Portia, Texas

I've never been to any Dr's office where the people were so helpful and caring, and on top of their game.  We drove 120 plus miles to see him, and we were not disappointed one bit.  They got my wife in on short notice and performed the necessary procedure.  Plus they did all in one office.  We won't have to go to several different places to have the work done. We are impressed. 2016


The swelling in my knee and the feeling in my toe returned after infected teeth were removed!  3 months later, blood pressure is still down and I'm taking no medications.


"I had an amazing experience - Dr. O'Brien removed my amalgam and the VERY NEXT DAY I woke up with NO BRAIN FOG!!"


"Dr. O'Brien removed mercury filling in tooth #31 and my heart palpitations have decreased in frequency and severity!"


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